Girl Behind the Lens


Hello! My name is Lisa.

I have had a dream to travel the world for as long as I can remember. I have longed to experience for myself the awe-inspiring views of the most beautiful and remote places on earth. To explore interesting cities along the way. I'm curious to discover new cultures, foods, architecture, design and authentic people.

Like so many mothers, my dreams were put on hold 25 years ago, as I had children at a young age. The youngest of my three boys just recently left the nest, so we decided to take the road less traveled and sold our large home and downsized. I purchased my dreamy travel trailer, a new Airstream Globetrotter. I will be calling it home (mostly) full time for the next two years, as I tour as many National Parks and cool cities along the way that I can. I have never towed anything before, but I am determined and resourceful...and I have several roadside assistance memberships in my wallet. ;-)

I would love for you to virtually follow along and keep me company. I'm looking for the coolest places in America and I need your help finding them. I don't want to miss one!

What dreams do you have? It's never too late!