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I thought it was about time to introduce myself. My name is Lisa and I live in Austin, Texas. I have been a Realtor in Illinois and Texas for about 13 years, now. I am happily married and have three boys who are 25, 20 and 14. My husband is an endodontist. For those of you who don't know what that is, he is the person who likes to do root canals and surgery on your teeth. He loves his work. My oldest son is in the process right now of interviewing at podiatry schools across the US and will be moving out of state in a few months, my middle son is in his sophomore year at a junior college and wants to be a neurosurgeon. He is hoping to get into UT Austin soon. My youngest son decided that he wanted to go live with his father in Florida for high school last summer and he is determined to go into the military when he graduates, so he is being groomed for that by his father, grandfather and others.

Last May I suddenly found myself as an empty-nester. I remember running across people who told me they were having such a hard time with not having their children around and adjusting to being an empty-nester. I used to look at them like they were completely insane. See, I had my first son two weeks before I turned 19. I went from my parents home to having a home of my own with a husband and child to take care of. I never experienced that single life in your 20-30's. My whole existence for 25 years had revolved around taking care of children and a full grown man plus working to help contribute to the household bills. I couldn't wait until all of my kids were out of the house and I was home free! I used to daydream about not having to cook dinner for people every night, be home at a certain time to care for children and get them in bed. I couldn't even imagine a life without spending a whole day every weekend washing and folding mounds of dirty clothes, grocery shopping and running all of the household errands.

What was wrong with these people? I was going to spend the rest of my childless life traveling the world, exploring new cultures, taking in new architecture, food, art, landscapes and music. I had a plan to buy an Airstream camper and tow it all over America so that I could see every amazing landscape and city I had heard about for 25 years. I was going to lose a bunch of weight because I was only going to cook and eat when I was actually hungry, sleep better, exercise more and have less stress. I was going to hike, mountain bike, rock climb, learn to row, dance again and, oh yeah, maybe compete in a triathlon since I was going to be in amazing shape. You guys...I actually did buy the Airstream and a tow vehicle and DID set out by myself last summer to spend three months exploring the east coast full time. What I did not expect was that I, too, started having a hard time with not having my children around anymore. What?!! Are you kidding me? YES!!! They don't prepare you for this people. I was traveling and seeing some amazing things but I became depressed because I felt so alone, not needed and without purpose suddenly. What in the world??! I started questioning what my purpose in this world was anymore. What value did I have to give. I had some very VERY deep thoughts on people's value in this world and how it is tied to what you "do". Are you a stay at home mother, where do you work, where do you live, what do you have, where do you vacation...all "do's". I started freaking out. What do I now DO??

I luckily ran across the name of an amazing life coach that I hired because I was stuck and didn't know how to get out of that place. I would have hired a counselor but I was on the road so a remote life coach sounded kind of like a counselor to me! I highly recommend a life coach. It has been money well invested. I found that having someone who allows you to explore ideas with no judgement but also keep you accountable to goals has been a real gift in this phase of life I am in right now. So, you may see me posting travel, design, family life or who knows what in the future! I'm just trying to figure this life out just like the rest of you. Can I get an Amen??

If you are in this same phase of life or want to learn what to do and not to do when it's your turn OR if you just want to see how the story eventually ends...follow me along on my journey.

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Austin, TX, USA